Event Planning

Wine event planning breaks down into three components – wine, food and resourcing:

Wine EventAs regards wine, there are generally three major issues to consider in planning an event – which wines to select, the the colour, and the quantity.

If it is a sit down meal, once you have decided on your menu, you can use a matching tool on the Food & Wine page to select the applicable wine(s). Your local LCBO product consultant should also be able to help once you’ve let them know your budget. Likewise, if you are just providing appetisers.

As regards colour, the traditional rule of thumb is to have just one red and one white. However, I prefer to have two red and two white to maximize the chances of your guests liking at least one wine.

As regards quantity, the rule of thumb is to allow 1/2 a bottle per person and add 10% for a safety margin. Note that unused bottles can be returned to the LCBO as long as you have the receipt so it is better to overestimate consumption than underestimate. I recommend a 50/50 red/white split in summer, particularly if your function is outside, and a 70/30 red/white split for the rest of the year. However the type of food selected may alter the equation. For additional details, Kendall Jackson and Total Wine have useful party planning guides. Total Wine also has a Drink Calculator Worksheet.


There are a number of event staffing companies in Toronto that can help you with either the provision of appetisers or the serving of appetisers and drinks or both. See EventSource for details. The Butler Did It and Gourmet Galaxy are two companies that have been recommended to me.