Wine Apps

There are a multitude of wine apps out there today however many provide information that you could equally well get from a website.  So the two apps I’ve listed below were specifically developed for use by a smartphone.  They have both Android and Apple versions:


VivinoIf you take a photo of any wine label with the Vivino app, it uses image recognition software to connect the photo to its database of over a million wines and instantly tell you the wine’s rating, based on customer reviews, and average price.   Situations where that would be useful include shopping for wine or following up on a wine that you have consumed at a restaurant or private household that you love and want to obtain.  However if you aren’t able to take a photo of the wine but you have the name and year, you can simply look it up.


This would be useful if you were looking at selected entries in a restaurant’s wine list.  Another scanning option is Delectable but see for a UK review of both products.



This app allows a customer to search the LCBO’s entire selection of wines, spirits and beers by keyword or item number or by using the built-in barcode scanner. You can also find product inventory at nearby or favourite stores and get serving suggestions. Other features include a store locator to find stores by city or postal code or by using a person’s location; a favourites list for adding products and stores for quick access; and detailed product information.  According to the LCBO, the most popular features of the app are the ability to scan a Universal Product Code (UPC) and to search for LCBO stores.