If you plan to travel independently to wine country, the following links will assist on the accommodation front:

HomeAwayHomeAway is the world’s most comprehensive source for vacation rentals with over a million listings. You can rent anything from cabins, condos and castles to villas, barns or farmhouses. VRBO is part of the HomeAway family.


Vacances Provencales VacationsVacances Provencales Vacations (European Home Rentals) is based in Toronto and specializes in renting quality villas, houses, apartments and barges in Western Europe.


Wine Hotels CollectionWine Hotels Collection is based in Argentina and is a worldwide directory of exclusive wine hotels, wineries, vineyards and restaurants.


WineristWinerist is a UK-based website dedicated to bringing the best travel experiences to wine and food enthusiasts world wide. The site features a variety of wine hotels, wineries, and wine tours from more than fifty regions as well as cooking classes, wine making courses, and horseback riding.



Trip AdvisorTripAdvisor posts user ratings on hotels world wide and assigns an average rating based on user scores. If you find a hotel you are interested in, you can then book it with one of their partners such as or



HomelinkIntervacIf you like the idea of a home exchange, try Home Link Canada or Intervac Canada both of which are the Canadian representatives of international organizations and provide direct access to extensive listings worldwide.